Rejection Etiquette

I’m  just over two months – and ten rejections – in to a year where I’m aiming to get one hundred rejections (and some acceptances along the way…) for my writing.

And I’m beginning to realise something:

There’s too much politeness in the world.

I’ve had a lot of emails saying things like, “just can’t find the space,” or “we really enjoyed…” or “it doesn’t quite fit,” or even “we were honoured that you chose us, but…”

All very nice.

But I don’t care.

I don’t want politeness.

I want  ONE reason (the main one, the most important one, the most obvious one) why my story or poem didn’t make the cut.

You don’t like zombies, or my metaphors were cliches.

Full rhymes turn you off.

My story needed to be proofread.

The ending was too downbeat.

The main character was inconsistent.

Or something.


You see, I don’t want to start a dialogue, or argue the toss, or tell you you’re wrong, or rewrite and resubmit.

I just want an honest reason.

Just one.

After all, there will be a reason why the piece didn’t make it.

And it’ll only take perhaps ten seconds to let me know. Even if there were sixty pieces rejected, that’s only an hour (I think!)

I don’t want platitudes, or politeness.

What I want is something to work with.

And then next time, maybe I won’t send you some shit about zombies.





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