Deadlines, Rainbows

I got an email today offering me the chance to submit something for consideration for publication online.

The theme is rainbows.

The deadline’s tomorrow.

And my immediate thoughts were “Ok, what have i got that I’ve written about rainbows?”

And when I realise I’ve got nothing, my next thought is, “Ok, what have I got that I could shoehorn a rainbow into?”

The thing I don’t do, or think to do straight away, is to actually WRITE SOMETHING NEW ABOUT FUCKING RAINBOWS.

The word count is only 300 words.

Surely I can write something about rainbows tonight?

“But,” I’m thinking “I’ve got that stuff to do for work, and I’ve got that stuff I wanted to cook, and then I’m meeting S later, so…”

What I’m really saying to myself here is that writing something about rainbows is not my priority.

Which is actually saying that writing isn’t my priority.

And I’m not having that.


I’m going to post this.

Then I’m going to do some of that stuff for work.

Then I’m going to write 300 new words about rainbows.

Then I’m going to cook.

Then I’m going to meet S.

I am NOT going to shoehorn, or rely on rewrites of tired old writing.

I’m going to write.




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