reading, writing, rejections

okay, so the experiment worked, sort of.

making myself stand in front of this blog each night and say whether or not i had written made me write pretty much every day

but most of the time i just write something – anything – to be able to say i’d written.

so, no quality, and not enough quantity, although it was certainly more productive than the previous few months.

so, there’s a new approach now – one which is going to inspire me, i hope.

i’m going to read short stories (at least one) each day – i’ve been reading other things so much i’ve almost forgotten what a short story is (or that’s the way it feels.

also, i’m taking as many brief notes as i can throughout the day in my notebook, a practice i’ve used to good effect in the past, but one that i’ve got out of the habit of using.

and finally, i need ot sub more – i’ve been slacking on the subs since before the summer, and i’m a long way from 100 rejections…

…although the two i got this week have spurred me on a little



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