sometimes you get good days

sometimes you get days  when you have to phone the bank about your mortgage payments.

sometimes you get days when someone cries.

sometimes you get days when a car drives into you – not fast, but fast enough.

sometimes you get days when your knee hurts

sometimes you get days – lots of them – when far, far worse things than any of these things happen.

but sometimes you get good days.

today i received my contributor’s copy of the first issue of groundbreaking underground  lit/art/culture magazine Low Light, from Hi Vis Press. It features – among a whole load of incredible work by incredible writers and artists – five of my photographs from an ongoing series of shots of windows in Bristol.

as always, the feeling of seeing my work in the real world is incredible, and it’s even more incredible this time because of the sheer quality of the publication.

genuinely, to have my work featured here, alongside the other contributors, is both humbling and empowering.

and just to make a good day even better…

i received an email from the New Flash Fiction Review editors letting me know that the new issue is online, featuring my story “The things taken, the things left behind”.

this is a recent story, and one for which – for a number of reasons – i feel an unusually strong affection. to have my writing valued by the editors of such a discerning publication is – again, genuinely – humbling and empowering.

humbling, because i am constantly amazed by the quality of the work which features in the same publications that feature my work – and today’s two publications are excellent examples of that.

empowering, because we all have bad days. days when we can’t write. days when we get rejections. days when we can’t take a picture which is anything more than a snapshot. days when we think we’re kidding ourselves. days when we think that maybe it would just be better to forget about being an active, productive, imaginative, creative, engaged, angry, celebratory, impassioned individual, and just give in to the telly, the sofa, the dayjob, and the long, dull future.

today is a good day, because it means tomorrow i’ll still be doing this.

taking photographs.

writing prose and poetry.

trying to find the words, as i used to say.

trying to find something, anyway.


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