it’s nice when…

…you work with someone who encourages you and as a result your writing improves

(I spent some time working with @megpokrass in an online workshop – it ended up being my most productive month writing so far this year and totally reinvigorated my writing)

…you read with other readers to an audience and one of the readers draws pictures of you all

(at @flashers_club i read a story called The Nightshift Kid, and @sionmun, who was a guest reader, drew cool little caricatures of us all – I’ll post a pic of it later)

…you get acceptances from places you rate

(I’m going to have a piece in @SpelkFiction early next year)

…someone invites you personally to read at their event

(I’m reading this Saturday in Bath at St. James’ Vaults…invited by @megpokrass and @judewriter, an evening I’m very much looking forward to)

…you write a story from blank page to finished in less than an hour and a half, and it gets accepted the next day

(I wrote a one-thousand word flash straight after work last week, and the next day @awiyebath had accepted it – I’ll be reading it at their event on Friday in Bath…)

…a random twitter-search inspires you

(i spent two weeks dong the #7days7photos challenge, and loved every minute of it)

…you take a photograph of your family having a laugh with a football and it ends up on @theguardian

(I’ll post a link on the “about” page)

…when you get nominated for The Pushcart Prize

(my story “The things taken, the things left behind” from New Flash Fiction review)

…and finally, it’s nice when

…the rejections don’t hurt

(i got plenty of them this month, but they’re just fuel)




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